RAR Reader

RAR Reader

Rar Reader - the best archiver Zip / UnZip / UnRAR!

RAR ZIP Reader is the best archiver Zip / UnZip / UnRAR!


- High compression ratio.

- High speed archiving.

- High speed unarchiving.

- Zipping and unzipping Zip files (Zip & UnZip).

- Unpacking RAR files (UnRAR).

- Support of multivolume archives.

- Unpacking the archive with a password.

- Decompress: ".zip", ".7z", ".bz2", ".bzip2", ".gz", ".gzip", ".tgz", ".tar", ".rar", ".xz", ".cab", ".iso", ".lzma", ".cpio", ".ar", ".lzip", ".lzop", ".lz4".

- Compress: ".zip", ".gz", ".bz2", ".7z", "*.xz", ".iso", ".lzma", ".cpio", ".ar", ".lzip", ".lzop", ".lz4".

RAR ZIP Reader has a user-friendly interface and fast speed.

Install RAR ZIP Reader right now! And start to work with files comfortably!

This program includes the ability to pack files and folders; compression parameter settings when creating an archive; option to unpack the files one by one and the entire archive at once, as well as the ability to view processes of packing / unpacking files.

RAR Reader


RAR Reader

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